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Shoe surfaces are smoothly scuffed, cracked, or else damaged. We polish out clangs, clean shoes to remove dirt and stains and renovate the leather. And we indeed repair deeper face damage with invisible stitching and fixing.

We polish out these clangs and clean handbags, removing dirt and indeed stains with the finest quality polishes, chemical agents, and conditioners. We also use a range of professional styles to restore suede, fantastic, and other leathers and fabrics.

We clean and condition the leather on belts to remove surface and scuffing as well as deeper marks and stains as well as to nourish the leather, making it more supple and therefore extending its life.

We clean and condition leather, treat leather for stains and dirt, and recolor/ refinish leather — whatever it takes to help get your leather jacket looking and feeling fresher.

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Additional Services

  • Sole/Grip Pasting
  • Grip replacement
  • Leather sole replacement
  • PU sole replacement
  • Sole Guard
  • Patch work
  • Rivet change
  • Stitching work
  • Insole change
  • Heel change
  • Heel tips change (Ladies)
  • Height increase
  • Strap fixing
  • Net Change
  • Heel Grip
  • Recolor
  • Cleaning & Polishing
  • Handle Repair
  • Lining Change
  • Zip Repair
  • Zip Change
  • Runner change
  • Plus additional runner
  • Buckle
  • Patch work
  • Counter Lining Replacement
  • Deodourising & Waterproofing

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